Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your 8 Weeks of Coaching
    • Welcome to your 8 weeks of Coaching
    • Pre-Coaching Survey
    • 6 Domains of a Flourishing Life: An Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • 6 Domain Assessment Tool
    • The 8 week Habit Calendar
    • 6 Hacks to building lasting Habits
    • How you can succeed in your career without sacrificing the quality of your life
    • Access to all other courses using code 'coaching2020' at checkout
    • Other Resources Coming Soon
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    Resources to Help with Creating New and Better Habits
    • Podcast: Creatures of Habit
    • Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones - James Clear
    • 3 Easy Steps for Creating Good Habits with Wendy Wood
    • Wendy Wood Good Habits, Bad Habits
    • The Science of Breaking Bad Habits with Wendy Wood
    • Wendy Wood - How to Break Bad Habits
    • BJ Fogg How the Tiniest Habits lead to the biggest Changes
    • Tiny Habits BJ Fogg Toolkit