Most of us negotiate all the time, even if we don't realise it. We haggle over the price of a used car, try to convince our children to tidy their rooms, and negotiate prices with our customers or suppliers. Learning to negotiate is crucial for success in both your business and personal life. 

But it's not an easy skill. Many people find negotiation highly uncomfortable, and would prefer to avoid it when they can. This course is designed to help you overcome your fear and master this critical skill. By using the nine steps, you'll feel prepared to navigate your next negotation with confidence.

What will you learn?

Overview of course content

In the course, Peter will walk you through everything you need to know to get started in negotiating. For more seasoned negotiators, you'll learn how you can improve to get even better results. There are four main areas you'll cover:  

    1. Basic types and concepts of negotiation 
    2. How you can effectively prepare for, conduct, and close negotiations 
    3. How to maintain good relationships as part of negotiation 
    4. Common errors and barriers to negotiation, and how to overcome them.

To give you highly practical help in negotiating, this course includes plenty of bonus material, worksheets, and quizzes.

Bonus material

Resources to help you get better results

  • Quizzes

    Begin by discovering your negotiation style. Test your understanding along the way with short quizzes.

  • Worksheets

    Download PDF worksheets to apply the course content as you go.

  • Extra content

    Supplement the lectures with downloadable content, and maximise your learning with a list of further reading.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Quick survey
    • Introduction
    • Quiz: What's your negotating style?
    • Types of negotiations: part 1
    • Types of negotiations: part 2
    • What is your BATNA?
    • Worksheet: Using BATNA
    • Check your understanding
  • 2
    9 steps to an effective negotiation
    • Overview of the 9 steps
    • Step 1: Determine satisfactory outcomes
    • Step 2: Identify opportunities to create value
    • - Asking questions
    • - Mindstorming
    • Step 3 & 4: Identify and improve your BATNA
    • - Maslow hierarchy of needs
    • - Bluffing
    • - Act vs react
    • Step 5 & 6: Who has authority and find out about other side
    • Step 7: Prepare for flexibility
    • - Diffusion
    • Step 8: Gather objective criteria
    • - Dealing with fear
    • Step 9: Alter the process in your favour
    • Influence: science and practice
  • 3
    Negotiation strategies and tips
    • Getting off to a good start
    • Preparing to negotiate
    • Emotional bank account & love languages
    • Summary: Emotional bank account & love languages
    • Negotiation tactics (part 1): Distributive negotiations
    • Negotiation tactics (part 2): Integrative negotiations
    • Framing a negotiation
    • Difficulties in negotiation
    • Psychology of negotiation
    • Check your understanding
  • 4
    • Conclusion
    • Quick survey

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About the Instructor

  • Peter Watson

    Trainer and Consultant

    Peter Watson

    Are you living the life you want or hoped? Would you describe your life as Flourishing? My passion is in helping individuals, teams and organisations (with a special focus on those who work in Not-for-Profits) to discover and live the Flourishing Life. Here you will find resources that help your flourish in the 6 primary domains of Family, Friendships, Finance, Fitness, Faith and Fun. I've been engaged in the leadership of Not-For-Profit organisations for over 28 years.

What makes this course different?

There are plenty of books and articles on negotiation, but you'll get the best results with a course.

  • Interactive learning:
    Peter brings many of the benefits of in-person training to this online course. You'll be able to apply the content as you go with quizzes and worksheets. Even after finishing the course, you can use the downloadable resources to continue improving your negotiation skills.

  • Low cost and high value:
    Don't pay hundreds of dollars to learn this crucial skill. There's so much content packed into this course, maximised with bonus downloadable resources. Given the amount of money that this course could save you on your next deal, $29.95 is an incredible price.

  • Holistic approach:
    Many resources only cover what to do at the negotiating table. In this course, you'll learn what you need to do beforehand to get the best outcome. There's also a focus on maintaining relationships while you negotiate.

  • Highly experienced instructor:
    Peter hasn't just read about negotiation in books. He has successfully handled many different kinds of negotiations—within staff teams, government contracts, and even helping other people negotiate during his work as a pastor.

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What are people saying about Peter's teaching?

Glenn Dudley (OAM) says...

Pete has a lively and enthusiastic way of capturing the interest and attention of listeners, particularly in a medium to large group setting. By his very heartfelt and pragmatic approach, Pete has the ability to equip his audience with the necessary skills to build their own self confidence.
Glenn Dudley, Former President, Royal Agricultural Society, NSW

Bernie the radio broadcaster says...

I have listened to Peter Watson speak publicly on many occasions. He has a genuine and rare ability to communicate complex issues in a clear, simple and engaging manner. He is also a keen observer of people and has a strong interest in management and business principles. Whilst he may at first appear unassuming, his communication and teaching style is remarkably clear and effective. He is one of the very few people that I know with this gift.  
Bernie Dymet, CEO and radio broadcaster with the media ministry 'Christianityworks' 

Matthew from Facebook says...

Peter has the rare gift of being able to condense and communicate a range of complicated ideas in a concise and engaging manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs their training to have impact, both on the day and months later.
Matthew Steine, Partnerships & Growth, at Facebook

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